Institute of Mission and Culture

The Mar Thoma Institute of Mission and Culture (MIMC) is a “Sapthathi’” project of Rt. Rev. Dr. Isaac Mar Philoxenos, which started in 2020, on his 70th birthday with a goal to equip the members of the church to engage creatively for a biblically based, ecumenically motivated, and evangelically oriented mission of the church through cultural reflections.

Courses Offered by the Mar Thoma Institute of Mission and Culture .MIMC 110: Effective Ministry in North America This is a continuing education course for clergy who newly joined the Diocese of North America & Europe. The course aims at providing clergy with spiritual and practical insights regarding ministry in the cultural context of North America. MIMC 210: Introduction to Mission and Culture This course examines the meaning of the Gospel and our faithfulness towards it, the nature and mission of the Church, and the relationship between the Church and the Kingdom of God. MIMC 310: Eastern Christianity and Spirituality This course is designed to provide an overview of the history, identity, theology, and spiritual emphasis of the churches of the East in Christendom with special reference to the Malankara Church and its relevance in the diaspora context.

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