Diocesan Treasurer

George Babu / Diocesan Treasurer

Mr. George Babu serves as the Diocesan Treasurer. He is a member of the Long Island Mar Thoma Church, New York, and his home parish is South Salem Mar Thoma Church, Chennithala South, Mavelikara. He served the Long Island Mar Thoma Church in various capacities such as Sunday School teacher, superintendent, parish vice president and treasurer for several years. He served the Northeast Region Sunday Schools in the capacities of vice president, regional coordinator, and treasurer for several years. He also served the Diocesan Sunday School as treasurer and also participated in the Curriculum Advisory Board to develop the new Sunday School curriculum. He is married to Lovely Sara Babu and is blessed with two children: Benson G. Babu (wife Bincy Ouseph Babu) and Marybeth Babu.

He has a master’s degree in accounting and is also a Certified Financial Examiner (“CFE”). He has been working with the Department of Financial Services of the State of New York for the last 30 years. Currently, he is serving as a Financial Services Manager overseeing the financial solvency of more than sixty multinational insurers operating in the State of New York.