Conveners Subcommittees

Conveners For Subcommittees

Subcommittees Total Members Convener
Mar Thoma Messenger Editorial Board 7 Dr. Cherian Samuel
Mar Thoma Messenger Managing Committee 6 Rev.George Abraham
Mar Thoma Messenger Promoters 12 Mr. T A Mathew
Besorah 3 Rev.George Abraham
Mission Board
Diocesan Episcopa
a) Mexico Mission 8 Mrs. Libby Skariah
b) Native American Mission 7 Rev. Christopher Phil Daniel
c) Neighborhood Mission 7 Rev. Christopher Phil Daniel
d) India Mission 3 Mrs. Thankam Vinu George
Lay Institute (LEAD Program) 13 Rev. Dennis Abraham
Literature Society & Publications Board 4 Mr. George P Babu
Diocesan Website 2 Rev.George Abraham
Ecumenical Relations 4 Dr. Varghese Manaloor
Light to Life 8 Rev.George Abraham
Media and Public Relations 5 Rev.George Abraham
IT Fellowship 5 Mr. George Samuel
Planning Board 5 Rev. George Abraham
Mar Thoma Merit Award 3 Rev.George Abraham
Suvishesha Nidhi Collection (Mission Fund) 4 Rev.George Abraham
Mar Thoma Media Rev. Ajith K. Thomas
Altar Boys and Covenant Girls 5 Rev. Dennis Abraham
Leadership Conference 5 Rev. Christopher Phil Daniel
HOPE for Differently Abled 4 Mr. George Samuel
Ecological Commission 2 Mr. George Samuel
Mr. Shaji S. Ramapuram