Mar Thoma Suvisesha Sevika Sanghom

The Mar Thoma Sevika Sanghom, since its inception in 1919, has been a beacon of empowerment and spiritual growth for women in the church. Under the auspices of Abraham Mar Thoma Suffragon Metropolitan, it has evolved into a dynamic organization that not only nurtures the spiritual life of its members but also actively engages in social and charitable activities.

Our Diocesan bishop Rt.Rev.Dr.Abraham Mar Paulos episcopa is serving as the President of the Suvishesha Sevika Sanghom of North america.The Sevika Sanghom within the North America diocese is organized into seven regions, further divided into centers and parishes. The Diocesan Sevika Sanghom effectively guides and leads activities at the regional, center, and parish levels.

The outreach programs run by the Sevika Sanghom are diverse and impactful. Through initiatives like the Light to Life project, which focuses on providing educational opportunities to underprivileged children, and the Family Wellness program aimed at supporting the health and well-being of young families, the Sanghom makes a significant difference in the lives of many.

The engagement in missions such as the Native American and Mexico Missions illustrates the global perspective and compassionate outreach of the Sevika Sanghom. These missions help in building bridges between different cultures and fostering an environment of mutual respect and understanding.

The World Day of Prayer is another significant event that highlights the ecumenical spirit of the Sevika Sanghom, promoting global unity and peace through prayer and fellowship. This day is marked by events that bring together women from different denominations to pray and reflect on common themes affecting global communities.

The bi-monthly prayer meetings on Zoom have been instrumental in keeping the community connected, especially during times when physical gatherings are challenging. These meetings provide a platform for spiritual rejuvenation and fellowship among members spread across various geographical locations.

The mentorship programs for young women are crucial in ensuring the continuity of faith and leadership within the church. These programs not only provide spiritual guidance but also empower young women to take active roles in church and community leadership.

The literary competitions and contributions to the Vanitha Bhodhini magazine are reflective of the intellectual engagement of the women in the Sanghom. These platforms allow women to express their thoughts and reflections on a wide range of topics, from current affairs to theological discussions, enhancing the literary and intellectual landscape of the community.

Overall, the Mar Thoma Sevika Sanghom’s commitment to spiritual growth, community service, and global outreach continues to make it a vital part of the Mar Thoma Church’s mission and vision for a compassionate and engaged Christian community.

Office Bearers

Designation Details
Vice President
Rev Joby John
Sehion MTC Dallas
[email protected]
Mrs.Noby Byju
MTC of New Jersey
[email protected]
Mrs. Mercy Thomas
St.Johns MTC, New York
[email protected]
(516 -587-1964)
Rep to Diocesesan Assembly
Mrs. Suma Chacko
Philadelphia MTC, Fort Washington
[email protected]

Events for the Year 2024

Inaugural Meeting - February 1, 2024
This event marks the beginning of the new year with a welcoming ceremony for Rt. Rev. Dr. Abraham Mar Paulos Episcopa. The devotional message from Mrs. Rachel George, the General Secretary, set the spiritual tone and the administrative direction for the upcoming year.

Office Bearers Meeting - April 11, 2024
An important administrative event where leaders from the Parish, Center, and Region levels come together under the guidance of Rt. Rev. Dr. Abraham Mar Paulos Episcopa to review past activities and coordinate future efforts. This meeting ensures that all organizational arms are aligned with the diocese’s goals and objectives.

Vishranthi Bhavan Project
This project focuses on renovating Vishranthi Bhavan in Thiruvalla, a facility dedicated to housing retired Sevinis. The planned renovations are critical to ensure that these dedicated women have a comfortable and dignified living environment. The North America diocese’s involvement underscores a commitment to caring for those who have served the church.

Mother’s Day Prayer Meeting - "Motherhood: A Divine Role" - May 9
Celebrating the essence of motherhood, this prayer meeting will feature Mrs. Preena Mathew as the main speaker. It’s a time to reflect on the spiritual and practical aspects of motherhood, recognizing mothers’ roles within families and communities.

July 25 - Prayer & Testimony
This event will offer a platform for members to share their personal stories and spiritual journeys, fostering a sense of community and mutual support among the attendees.

September 5 - Sevika Sanghom Varom & Liturgical Music Fest
A spiritual celebration that highlights the talents within the Sevika Sanghom through music and liturgical expressions. This fest is an opportunity to enjoy and preserve the rich traditions of the church.

October 3-6 - Diocesan Sevika Sanghom Conference
A major event in the Sevika Sanghom calendar, this conference will highlight on the theme "Live to leave a Legacy (Deuteronomy 6:9) and an essay competition in both English and Malayalam. It's a time for learning, spiritual renewal, and fellowship among the members.

November - Vanitha Bodhini
The release of the Vanitha Bodhini magazine, which serves as a critical medium for sharing news, articles, devotions, and other literary works by the members, focusing on issues pertinent to women in the church and society.

December 12 - Christmas Celebration
An annual celebration that brings the community together in joy and worship. This event typically includes festive music, Scripture readings, and a message relevant to the season, celebrating the birth of Christ.