Neighborhood Missions

Neighborhood Mission is one of the missions of the Diocese that coordinates local mission activities. The parishes are encouraged to engage in local mission activities and to join with the local parishes and organizations to reach out to the poor and needy in that area. Most of the parishes in the Diocese are located near a major city with impoverished communities. The people in these communities are victims of drugs, crime, broken families, and homelessness. Neighborhood Mission strives to bring awareness of these challenges to our church members and respond with the power of Christ’s love. Urban Mission trips are usually organized each year, but due to the pandemic such a trip was not feasible.

The following served as members of the Neighborhood Mission Subcommittee: Rev. Christopher Phil Daniel (Convener), Rev. Alex Kolath, Rev. Biju P. Simon, Ms. Zenia George, Mr. Adam T. Mathew, Ms. Annie Verghese, Mr. Jerry Joseph.